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Wood Shingle Roof Repair

Wood shingles are still one of the most attractive roofing materials on the market.

But like any other exterior building material being exposed to diverse weather conditions can take its toll. How long your wood shingle roof will last depends on the extremities of the weather in your part of the country. Some parts of the country is very wet, and some are very dry. For professional roof repairs, you can call on

Some parts of the country have high winds and cold temperatures that can shorten the life of wood shingles. And then there is that desert part of the country that endures extremely dry weather, hot blazing sun, and almost no moisture that can shorten their life as well. Ice and snow, of course, in other parts.

You may experience damage on your roof due to extreme heat causing your wood shingles to dry out and split. You may experience water damage due to the pitch of the roof. If the pitch is fairly steep the water or melting snow can run off easily without pooling. Water that is able to pool anywhere on a roof may find a place to seep inside your structure and that is never good.

There are treatments for wood roofs claiming to preserve wood shingles, but careful research should be done in choosing and applying these products.

If you experience a leak you will need to inspect your wood roof. Try finding the leak by getting in your attic and looking for water stains on the bottom side of your roof. If it’s only a shingle or two here and there you should be able to repair your roof fairly easy.

Once you find the shingle or shingles that need to be replaced use a hammer and chisel to split the damaged shingle then pull the pieces out. Using a pry bar or saw remove the nails that were holding the shingle in place. Cut another shingle leaving a quarter of an inch on either side of the shingle and slide it back where the damaged shingle was removed. Then tap the shingle without tearing the underlayment just short of being flush with the other shingles, and place two nails in the new shingle leaving only about an eighth of an inch left above the shingle. Now using a block of wood tap the new shingle up with the others.

Wood roofs should be kept clean and free of any debris such as limbs and leaves. They should be inspected regularly and repairs made as soon as you are aware they are needed.

Be careful getting onto any wood roof you could cause damage by just walking on them. As always… safety first. Never get on a wet roof. Know your job description, your plan of repair, and the tools you’ll need for the job. Always use a sound and sturdy ladder.

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